“Stay Close” Adoption


Welcome a child into your family. “Stay close” adoption gives you a chance to really become a part of the project; your role will not be that of a wallet but that of a human being. It is one of the simplest forms of supporting the less fortunate and it is based on staying in touch with a particular child and financially supporting him/her. The donor becomes a sponsor parent to the child.

Similar programs are run in Slovakia by several other organizations. In addition to universal values ​​that such programs provide, the Two-Colour World organization has specifically worked on three basic principles.

Just for you: support from the sponsor parent is directed only to selected children and to no one else.
€ 20 is € 20: Our association uses the entire amount of money it receives from the supporter to help the child. None of this money is used to cover administrative or staffing costs.
Available information: Through parental zone the supporter receives exclusive information about the status of dedicated financial resources and can follow the child’s progress in the project and his/her accomplishments at school. A sponsor parent also has access to child’s most recent photos.

Children’s support program known as “Stay close” adoption is run by our organization in the countries of Cambodia and Lesotho and we are currently working on expanding it to Nigeria and Haiti. While in Nigeria the money from supporters covers the basic needs of children such as vaccinations, or antimalarial medication, in Haiti the priority is education. In Cambodia and Lesotho your money will help the children make a life for themselves after leaving the orphanage.

To learn more about the children waiting for your support see the section ADOPCIA NA BLÍZKO