Halfway house

Why the Halfway House? Children at House of Family slowly grow both in height and beauty, and we are thrilled about it every day. But hand in hand with growing up questions come connected to their teen age years: What next? How long will I be able to remain a part of the project? How I can start my own independent life?
Therefore we have decided to start a pilot project in collaboration with the Slovak Embassy in Thailand and the financial support from SlovakAid- the first independent home for six girls called Halfway House.

Principle of the Project: Six girls aged 16-19 begin to live independently in a separate rented house, while they receive a small amount of pocket money to secure their living. They learn how to shop, cook, clean, wash clothes, but also often more important skills such as how to live together in tolerance, how to be of mutual assistance, or how to create the first set of rules for their own lives.
Halfway House is like a bridge between the comfort of life in House of Family, where the girls previously lived and the reality of life in Cambodia.
The girls will continue to be provided with professional and complex HIV treatment by experts from the St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences. We will continue to contribute to their education and professional training. However, they will be left to rely on their own skills in many other areas.

We continue to follow the independent lives of our girls.
You can join us in watching how the girls enjoy their grown-up lives.
Let's cross our fingers for them and hope it all goes well! They will need it.

You can watch our video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqYVFYEpnQ0