About us

We want the world of poor and sick children not to be monochromatic.

The Two-Colour World civic association is an organization of enthusiastic people who try to help children in difficult living conditions. It operates mainly in developing countries, with the goal to create such medical and social conditions, so that children can live happily regardless of the situation in their country and family.
The main pillars of our service are health, family and education.
The Two-Colour World civic association was established on September 13th, 2006, when it was registered at the Ministry of Interior.
Two-Colour World resides in Slovakia and it directs aid projects in developing countries such as Cambodia, Kenya, Lesotho, and Slovakia.

The central points of our work are projects supporting children’s education and health care accessibility through the individual support of each child. This is accomplished via the Long Distance Adoption program. Our civic association also provides financial support for education and the personal development of children. Projects are mostly carried out in cooperation with our main partner-the St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences in Bratislava, which is a long-time provider of humanitarian and development aid in third world countries.
The Two-Colour World civic association acquires its financial resources through personal donations, public fundraising events, tax-donations, and official development aid grants by Slovak AID.