Direct Gift

If you are not interested in long-term support of the children through the “Stay close” adoption program or do not wish to purchase any of our promotional items you can also very effectively help with a one-time financial gift. You can choose how you would like your money to be used and where you would like to transfer it.


Here is an example of prices in Cambodia:

Food for one child- € 15.60 per month
25 kg of rice- € 13.20
Fruit for 10 children- € 3.10
School uniform for one child- € 4.70
School fees for one child- € 5.42 per month
Books and school supplies for one child- € 19.41 per year
English for all children- € 31.06 per month
Pocket money for one child- € 2.33 per month
Clothing and shoes for one child- € 15.53 per year
Laboratory HIV testing for one child- € 31.06 every 6 months
Treatment for one child (other than HIV) - € 11.65 per month
Day trip for 10 children- € 31.06
Birthday party for twenty children- € 15.53
Ball- € 2.33
Candy- € 2.33
TV- € 93.20

If you wish to support the House of Family by purchasing a one-time Direct Gift, you can transfer a specific amount of money to the following account:

IBAN: SK50 1100 0000 0026 2810 7419

Variable symbol: 3000

Payment purpose: a purpose that you have chosen.

With this aid mechanism, just during November and December 2011 we have collected up to 330 Euros to help children in the House of Family. We do not know many of you who donated money to this program so we cannot thank you individually. However we would like to at least thank you publicly. Your money is already in Cambodia and it has been distributed to the children by our logistics managers according to your selected purposes.

Thank You.