Invitation to tender

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Our partner organisation St. Bakhita Girls rescue center is looking for the best offer to build a construction in Kenya, Langas, Eldoret.

Scope of Work

ST. BAKHITA GIRLS RESCUE CENTRE requests the technical bid document to contain following:

  1. Excavation and Earthworks to prepare the construction grounding

  2. Concrete and Reinforcement Works

  3. Walling Works providing both quarry stoned external walling and concrete internal walling.

  4. Window Works providing 18 windows including the ventilation and locking

  5. Door Works providing the 1 external door and internal door frames

  6. Roof Works providing the trusses construction roof with the rain water disposal (gutter outlet to the tank)

  7. All finishing Works providing the finishing work on floor, walls, ceiling, windows and doors

  8. Total build up area: About 48 SQ metres.

Qualifying Criteria

  1. The Firm / Company should have full-fledged establishment /office in Kenya.

  2. The Firm / Company should have rendered services pertaining to construction, Management & Supervision for Civil, Electrical, Interior & Mechanical Works.

Instruction to Bidders

  1. The tenderers should submit the entire documents (Technical bid and Price Bid) with all the pages of document duly signed.

  2. The Price Bid should be submitted and include two price offers – one for “Construction works” and other for “Material costs”.

  3. Incomplete Technical Bids are liable for rejection. Commercial/price bids will be considered for opening only for the Qualified Technical Bidders,

  4. Selection criterion for the Qualified Bidders will be the lowest price offer (combining both construction and material)

  5. Archicectural design (on request

Period of completion :

Construction start: 15.10.2014

Construction finish including final inspection approval: 31.01.2015

Deadline for subbmission: 6.10.2014